Schemes & Application Forms

Present Schemes

I.    State Plan Schemes:

Various welfare scheme for the differentially abled persons are implemented through the Corporation

1 Free distribution of Aids and Appliances
2 Free distribution of Modern Equipments & Appliances like High-tech Limb , Electronic Wheelchair & Laptop  with voice enhanced software
3 Self Employment Scheme (Bank Loan Subsidy)
4 Subsidy for Motorized Tricycle
5 Proficiency Award to the differentially abled persons.
6 KSHPWC share for NHFDC Loan
7 Fixed Deposit Scheme for severely disabled children.
8 Old age Home at Parassala
9 Promotion of Self-Help Groups
10 State Resource Centre
11 Subsidy for NHFDC Loan for BPL category
12 State Programme for rehabiliation and empowerment of disabled.
13 Mass Awareness Programme to the differentially abled
14 Disabled friendly enabling technology demonstration and training.
15 Evaluation of various schemes undertaken by Kerala State Handicapped Persons Welfare Corporation.
16 Renovation of Head Quarteres building and office automationj
17 Distribution of Motorised vehicles to disabled

Application Forms

1. Distribution of Aids and Appliances - Application form Free
2. Bank Loan Subsidy - Application form Free
3. Fixed Deposit for severely disabled children -  Application form Free
4. Subsidy for Motorised Tricycle - Application form Free
5. Proficiency Award - Application form Free
6. Promotion of Self-Help Groups - Application form Free

7. Distribution of Motorised Scooter - Application form


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